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55 Watt UV sterilizer

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Brand: GWS
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55 Watt uv Sterilizer

The 55 Watt UV sterilizer is used for domestic and professional users for flow rates not exceeding 30 liters per minute on clear water.

The sterilizer is in stainless steel 304, with 3/4 "MM connections, in stainless steel. The 55 Watt sterilizer has a 55 Watt germicidal UV lamp inside, with a quartz sheath.

The 55 Watt UV sterilizer works with 220 V power supply.

The 55 Watt UV sterilizer is generally installed at the entrance of a user with different pick-up points, for example at the entrance of an apartment. In fact, it can be considered that each tap at a pressure of 3 bar, delivers about 5 liters per minute, therefore with a 55 Watt sterilizer we can guarantee bacteriological and germicidal safety up to three taps open at the same time.

The use of the 55 Watt UV sterilizer on well water requires an upstream treatment that eliminates turbidity and suspended material. Where the water is particularly hard, it is important to carry out periodic maintenance to clean the quartz sheath. The limestone tends to settle on the surfaces of the sheath making it opaque to UV rays and therefore drastically reducing its germicidal capacity. For maintenance it is important to install a by pass.

The replacement of the 55 Watt UV lamp (Philips) must be done regularly and not exceed 12 months of operation, the manufacturer indicates a decline of more than 60% of the UV emission capacity after 9200 hours of operation.

The 55 Watt UV sterilizer must be installed horizontally if possible with the input and output facing upwards. If installed vertically it must be positioned with the water inlet at the bottom and the outlet at the top. This is to prevent air pockets from forming inside the UV sterilizer chamber, which reduce germicidal efficiency (as well as creating hydraulic problems for the system).

Technical Sheet

Product code DUV55W 
Internal sleeve highly pure quartz >99,99 SiO2
Body material Stainless steel AISI 304 
Working pressure 10 Bar
In - out fittings 3/4" MM
Emited wavelength 253.7 nm (UV-C)
Duration of lamp 9250 h
 Maximum flow 30 liters /minute
Guaranteed UV-C Dose  > 30.000 μWs/cm2
Power supply 220 V 50/60 Hz
Consumption materials UV 55 Watt 2+2 pin BULB
Suggested spare parts Silicon gasket for quatz housing
  Quartz housing
  UV 55 watt Ballast 
55 Watt UV sterilizer
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